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LIFA是适用于荧光寿命显微成像(FLIM)。该设备可以利用频域技术在任何宽场显微荧光成像系统获得寿命变化相关图像。系统包含TRiCAM M可调制型像增强CCD相机,可调制光源,调制控制器,定制电脑以及LI-FLIM软件。像增强相机包含像增强器,CCD相机,可以获得*高增益和采集速率。
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荷兰 Lambert Instruments
  • LIFA
LIFA是适用于荧光寿命显微成像(FLIM)。该设备可以利用频域技术在任何宽场显微荧光成像系统获得寿命变化相关图像。系统包含TRiCAM M可调制型像增强CCD相机,可调制光源,调制控制器,定制电脑以及LI-FLIM软件。像增强相机包含像增强器,CCD相机,可以获得*高增益和采集速率。
精准的寿命成分:0-300ns的荧光寿命,精度可达30ps RMS
Lifetime range 0 - 300 ns
Lifetime resolution less than 100 ps (single pixel)
Speed 2 lifetime images per second (full frame)
Spatial resolution 26 lp/mm (Gen II); 19 lp/mm (Gen III)
Sensitivity single photon
Intrascene dynamic range 12 bit
Camera input format 1 inch
Effective pixel size 10.3 μm square (12,9 for lens coupled CCD)
Signal shape Sinusoidal
Frequency range 1 MHz – 120 MHz
Frequency adjustment resolution 1 kHz
Frequency deviation 100 ppm max.
Harmonics suppression Better than 25 dB
Output 1
Type a: MultiLED
AC signal level
DC current adjust
Capable of driving lightsource type a, optionally b and c
Adjustable in 250 steps
0 – 1000 mA, 12 bit resolution
Optional lightsource outputs:
Type b: Modulated laser diode
AC signal level
DC level adjust
Type c: AOM for CW laser
AC signal level
Output 2
AC signal level
AC signal after amplification
0.00 – 1.00 V peak-peak
0.00 – 1.00 V
0.00 – 1.00 V peak-peak
Half the frequency of output 2
To image intensifier
Adjustable from –50 to 0 dBm
15 Vpp nom.
External trigger input LVTTL (phase shift on falling edge or rising edge)
Impedance 50 Ω 
Phase adjustment range 0 - 360° in 1° steps
Phase deviation < 0.01° 
Cathode voltage DC Adjustable from –150 V to +15 V
MCP voltage (gain) DC Adjustable from 450 – 1000 V max.
Anode voltage DC Fixed 6 kV
Peak wavelengths (nm), approximately 405 (CFP), 445 (cerulean, CFP), 470 (GFP), 535 (TRITC), 630 (CY5), others on request
Number of mounted LEDs 3 (standard), or 4 (maximum)
Modulation frequency up to at least 80 MHz
LEDs switching time 200ms
Coupling Compatible with existing Hg and Xe microscope adapters
Lifetime drift less than 30 ps*
Optional Temperature stabilization for
long-term (hours) lifetime stability
Active thermoelectric water cooling/heating system
Control temperature range 5 – 45º C
Temperature stability (constant load,
constant ambient temp)
± 0.1º C
Dimensions (l x w x h) 346 x 109 x 183 mm
* Measured using stable fluorescent material with single lifetime component of 3.2 ns
Wavelengths (nm) 375 (BFP), 405 (CFP), 445 (cerulean, CFP), 488 (GFP), 515 (YFP, Venus), 647 (CY5), others on request
Number of laser lines Standard: up to 3 or up to 6; Extreme: up to 4. All combined into one optical fiber output
Output power (mW) 20 mW-300 mW, depending on the wavelength
Modulation frequency Up to 120 MHz (standard)
Input signal Digital: 0...1 V / 50 Ω 
Control interface RS232
Coupling KineFLEX system, with a single-mode polarization maintaining fiber and either FC-APC, FC-PC or FC-P8 output connector
Power stability Standard: 2%*, Extreme: 0.5%*
Lifetime drift Standard: less than 50 ps*, Extreme: less than 20-30 ps*
Dimensions (l x w x h) 19" rack housing. MultiLASER-3: 480 x 484 x 88 mm; MultiLASER-4 and 6: 610 x 484 x 132 mm
Options • Multi-channel excitation
• Two single-mode optical fiber outputs
• Custom fiber outputs on special request
* Measured using stable fluorescent material with single lifetime component of 3.2 ns
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